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This documentation page is part of a legacy method of installing CAST AIP. This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. Refer to Configure CAST Dashboards - new customers or Configure CAST Dashboards - existing customers.

On this page:

Target audience:

CAST AI Administrators


Installing and configuring the CAST AIC Portal

Health Dashboard

Installing and configuring the Health Dashboard

Engineering Dashboard

Installing and configuring the Engineering Dashboard


Installing and configuring the CAST-RestAPI.war

Legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard/CAST Discovery Portal

  • CAST Engineering Dashboard > provides the drilldown capability from the Health Dashboard into the underlying CAST AIP schemas. This includes full view of all violations, explanation of each violation, source code location, all related violations etc.
  • CAST Discovery Portal > a web interface designed to provide access to the technical information resulting from a source code analysis.

Note that the installation of the CAST Engineering Dashboard/CAST Discovery Portal is license dependent and is therefore optional.

Please see Installing and configuring the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard and Discovery Portal for more information.

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