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The Subversion option is designed for target source code that resides in a Subversion SCM system. In other words, it does not reside in a folder nor in an archive file (zip, jar etc.).

It allows you to specify the location and access credentials for your Subversion repository. The extraction process relies on the Java based svnkit extractor.

The Subversion repository does not need to be available during the analysis process in the CAST Management Studio because the CAST Delivery Manager Tool will extract the source code and retain it before deployment to a specific location (defined in the CAST Management Studio).

Repository URL Enter the URL of your Subversion repository. You can use either the https:// or svn:// protocols.
Revision Enter the specific revision of source code that you require.

By default the HEAD revision will be entered (i.e. the most recent version). If you require a different version, enter the version number here.

Credentials Select this option to enable the User/Password fields below. This is required if your target Subversion repository is password protected.


  • Do not enable this option if a single sign on system is in operation in your environment.
User name Used to configure the User name for the target Subversion repository for extraction purposes.
Password Used to configure the password that corresponds to your User name configured above.
Remember password This option enables you to force the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to save the Subversion repository access credentials you have entered above.

Choosing an option or not has no impact on the analysis (i.e. the analyzer can still run an analysis). However, if you are creating subsequent Versions using the same Subversion repository, you can choose to store the password in which case you will not need to re-enter it.

There are two save options:

  • Local > The credentials are saved in the user's local workspace on the current machine. Choose this option if you do not want the password to be available to other Delivery Managers.
  • Server > The credentials are saved locally (as above) and are also synchronized back to the CAST AIC Portal (i.e. the Source Code Delivery Folder). Choose this option if you want the password to be available to other Delivery Managers.
Advanced Extraction Settings

Please see Source Package - Where is your source code? for more information about these sections.

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