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This page describes some of the terms used throughout the CAST Delivery Manager Tool and this user guide.

Application An Application in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool is equivalent to an Application in the CAST Management Studio.

In other words, an Application created in the CAST Management Studio will appear in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool and vice-versa.

Version A Version specifies the version name/number and Date of Release for any source code you want to deliver. It is used to manage successive iterations of source code. New Versions are created when the Application's source code changes and you want to measure these changes.
Source code package A Source code package contains all the configuration information pertaining to the source code you want to deliver - e.g.: source code location and the projects in that source code.
Application ID A unique identification number for your Application. This ID is managed entirely by the CAST Management Studio and cannot be modified.
Version date Refers to the date your source code was released. This is used when defining a version.
Project Refers to the items identified in your source code package by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, i.e. databases, Eclipse projects, Visual Studio projects etc.
CAST AI Administrator The person responsible for running the CAST Management Studio, configuring the analyses and generating the snapshots.
Delivery Manager The person (or people) responsible for providing source code for analysis. There may be more than one Delivery Manager, particularly if multiple technologies are involved.

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