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Add a new version

Note that the Adding a new Version is only relevant if you are working with the DMT directly from the CAST AIC Portal - if you are working with the DMT directly from the CAST Management Studio, then Versions are created in the CAST Management Studio.

When an Application is created in the CAST AIC Portal by your Application team manager or Executive Sponsor, an initial Version is also created. If you need to deliver a new version of an existing Application, then you need to add a new Version:

  • In the Application page, click the button to add a new Version to your Application.
  • If a Version already exists, then you will be prompted whether you want to base the new version on an existing version or not (see the section below for more information about this):

  • Choose the version in the drop down list or choose <None> to not base the new version on an existing Version (see below).
  • In both cases you will then be prompted to enter a name for the new version and define a date of release using year, month, day, hour and minutes:

Note that it is NOT possible to create a Version with the same name as an existing Version.

  • Click Finish to complete the process. The Version page will then be displayed.
Basing your new version on an existing Version (Copying)

As mentioned previously, when you add a new version and existing versions are already present, you can choose to base the new version on an existing version (or not). The choice is relatively simple and depends entirely on your use case.

  • Choosing <None> allows you to deliver, for example, V1 after V2. You will be forced to define a Date of release that is before any of the existing versions' Date of release.
  • Choosing a specific existing version as the basis for your new version means that you will be forced to set a Date of release that is after the Date of release of the existing version you have chosen. This is handled by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool itself:

    In addition, copying an existing version will mean that all existing source code packages and their configuration settings will be copied into the new version.
Saving your changes

Please ensure that you Save your newly added Version. This will save the changes to the local CAST Delivery Manager Tool workspace. No changes will be saved to the CAST AIC Portal unless you use the Deliver action (which also requires the use of the Package action).

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