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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.4 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below.

Technology support changes

Please see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.

Dashboard configuration

Encryption of database access credentials

In CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.4, the encryption of database access credentials for use in the context.xml file is now only supported when using Apache Tomcat ≥ 8. Please see HD-ED - Encrypt login and password for database and LDAP for more information.

Engineering Dashboard

Change Language option

Improvements have been made to the Change Language option:

The following language locales are now supported, in addition to English (en_US) and Chinese (zh_CN), see HD-ED - Dashboard localization:

  • French (fr_FR)
  • German (de_DE) 
  • Japanese (ja_JP)
  • Korean (ko_KR)
  • Portuguese (pt_PT)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)

CAST Transaction Configuration Center



An option called "-GenerateSets" has been add to the CAST Transaction Configuration Center CLI. You can use this option to generate a set for:

  • a group of rules, identified by their type:
    • ENTRY (i.e. all Entry Point rules)
    • DATA (i.e. all Data Entities rules)
    • END (i.e. all End Point rules)
    • EXCLUDED (i.e. all Excluded Items rules)
  • a specific rule, identified by its ID

See Automating CAST Transaction Configuration Center tasks for more information.

CAST Delivery Manager Tool

Transitive dependencies - Maven classpaths

During the automatic extraction of JAR files from a Maven repository, transitive dependencies have been supported at project level for some time. In addition to this, the CAST Delivery Manager Tool now supports transitive dependencies for classpaths. This information is also transferred to the CAST Management Studio: when a project requires an artifact, multiple folders in the classpath are now supported for one single dependency.

Oracle schema delivery using a .castextraction file

A small improvement has been made to the CAST Delivery Manager Tool when delivering an Oracle schema via a .castextraction file: it is no longer mandatory to specifically choose a schema for extraction. If you do not choose a schema, ALL schemas available in the .castextraction file will be automatically selected for packaging. This can be particularly useful when redelivering Version n+1 - you only have to perform the extraction to the .castextraction file - any new schemas or any removed schemas will be taken into account automatically.

This change does not affect existing packages (i.e. when upgrading to CAST AIP 8.3.4) - the existing selections will be maintained. To be benefit from the new behaviour, you will need to create a new package.

Delivery Report

The Delivery Report has been enhanced to provide additional information on the items discovered during a packaging action. See Validate and Accept the Delivery for more information.


The instructions for the Command Line Interface now include examples for Linux operating systems. See Automating source code delivery.

Import/Export configuration patterns used to ignore files or folders

It is now possible to export and import (to/from .CSV file) the configuration patterns used to ignore files and folders. When importing a configuration from a .CSV file, the new configuration patterns will be added to any configuration patterns that have already been defined. In other words, existing patterns will not be removed:

CAST Server Manager

Log file naming and path changes

The log file name and location for CAST Server Manager now matches the naming convention and location used for other Applications. The log file will now be stored in a folder named SERVMAN in %PROGRAMDATA%/CAST/CAST/Logs, or in a folder named SERVMAN in the the location specified by CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH if that variable has been defined in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file. In addition the log file name will be time stamped as follows: Servman-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.log.txt.

CAST Extension Downloader

The CAST Extension Downloader bundled with CAST AIP now has the "V2" server ( as the default remote server (when using it for the first time). Other "V1" servers (listed below) are now marked as "deprecated". You should ensure that you are using the "V2" server at all times. In addition, if you are using the CAST Extension Downloader via its CLI interface, if you omit the -server option, the "V2" URL will always be used.

See Download an extension for more information.

Deprecated "V1" URLs:

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