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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.27 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below.

CAST Storage Service backup and restore tools

A change has been made to the CSSBackup.exe and CSSBackupAll.exe tools provided with CAST AIP to provide compatibility with current CAST PG releases. As such, schema backups created with CSSBackup/CSSBackupAll included in 8.3.27 (and any higher 8.3 service pack) should only be restored with CSSRestore/CSSRestoreAll included in 8.3.27 (and any higher 8.3 service pack).

CAST Extension Downloader

The URL used to connect to CAST Extend has been changed by default to

User Input Security

  • The automatic blackboxing action will now identify as database targets all methods beginning with (previously only Find or find were considered as targets):
    • Find(
    • FindRow(
    • FindRows(
    • FindColumn(
    • FindColumns(
  • Support (predefined methods) has been added for the GWT (Google Web Kit) framework.
  • Sanitization methods for the NpgSql framework for JEE are now supported.
  • The rule 8518 - Avoid regular expression injection has been implemented for JEE technologies. Previously this rule only functioned on .NET technologies.
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