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Migration view

The Migration view is only used when you are migrating/upgrading from a previous CAST release to the current release. After proceeding with the CAST Update Tool to update your CAST databases, any items that cannot be automatically attached to an Application will be displayed in the Migration view. You should check this view and move the items to their correct locations.

Migration view shortcut menus

The following shortcut menu items are available in the view:

Analysis Service

Edit Use this option to modify the properties of your "dummy" Analysis Service for migration. The Analysis Service for migration editor will be displayed.
Remove Please see Remove.

No item selected

Automatic move to applications You can use this option to allow the CAST Management Studio to attempt to automatically move any items displayed in the view to their correct locations.
Migration view buttons

The following buttons are available in the view:

View Menu > Alternative method for accessing toolbar buttons
Minimize > Minimize the entire window
Maximize > Maximize the entire window

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