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Drop Analysis Results

The Drop Analysis Results option enables you to clean up your Analysis Service of any analysis results associated with the current Application.

Using the option
  • Open the Application whose Analysis Results you want to remove
  • Select the Execute tab
  • Click the Drop Analysis Results option:

  • A warning dialog will be displayed:

  • Click OK to proceed with the drop action.
  • All objects related to analyses in the current Application will then be removed from the parent Analysis Service.

Notes - The action functions on an Application basis, therefore only objects related to the Application from which the option was launched will be removed from the Analysis Service.
- This action will not affect any existing snapshot results. These results are stored in the Dashboard/Measurement Service and are not impacted by this action.
- The result of the action will be visible in CAST Enlighten which interacts exclusively with the Analysis Service.
- The action will attempt to function even if the Analysis Service contains no results (i.e. you have not yet run an analysis or generated a Snapshot (including an analysis).

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