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Contextual Parameters tab

This tab governs the Contextual Parameters part of the Assessment Model, i.e. it governs input that controls the behavior of Quality Rules to adapt them to the correct context.

The tab is divided into two distinct parts:

  • a list of Contextual Parameters
  • a sub section to configure/edit each Contextual Parameter with various sub tabs

The Contextual Parameters can then be used in the Quality Rules, Quality Distributions and Quality Measures tabs.

List of Contextual Parameters

This section simply lists the Contextual Parameters. The below example is taken from the standard CAST supplied Assessment Model (see Assessment Models view):

To add a new Contextual Parameter:

  • Click the button, a list will be displayed enabling you to choose the type of parameters you want to define:

  • Select the type you require - a new Sizing Measure called "My <type>" will be displayed in the list.
  • Configure the item using the section below

To edit an existing Contextual Parameter:

  • Select the item in the list
  • Edit the item using the section below

To remove an existing Contextual Parameter:

  • Select the item in the list
  • Click the button - this action cannot be undone. Once removed, an item is no longer part of the Assessment Model and is no longer referenced anywhere (including in the CAST Engineering Dashboard).
Contextual Parameter configuration section

This section allows you to configure/edit each selected Contextual Parameter - it displays the details of a Contextual Parameter selected in the above list. It is further divided into sub-tabs, each of which is explained below:


This tab governs the parameters that are used, either text based or numeric.

Name Displays the name of your Contextual Parameter.

You can edit the field by selecting it and then modifying or replacing as appropriate. Please see Naming constraints for more information.

Managed Default Value This option simply indicates that a set of Default Values have been defined for the Contextual Parameter and thus that they should be used during the Snapshot Generation process.
Default Value This option enables you to define the default values for your parameter. Depending on the type of parameter chosen, this section will differ slightly. You may just need to enter one value, or use the button to define a list of values:
  • Decimal parameter > Enter a numeric parameter in the form 0.0
  • Integer parameter > Enter a numeric parameter in the form 0
  • List of Decimal Number parameters > Enter a list of decimal parameters (0.0, 0.1, 0.2 etc.)
  • List of Text parameters > Enter a list of text parameters (e.g. file extensions: .h, .h++ etc.)
  • Text parameters > Enter a single text value

Use the button to remove a value if the values are presented in a list.

Used By section

This tab simply lists the Quality Rules/Distributions/Measures that use the Contextual Parameter

Contextual Value Overridings section

This tab allows you to set a value to override the default value set in the General tab.

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