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Architecture Models tab

This tab allows you to associate an Architecture Model to your Application. See CAST Architecture Checker for more information about this feature.

Add an existing Architecture Model
  • Click the button to add an existing Architecture Model.
  • A dialog box will be displayed enabling you to select the Architecture Model(s) you want to associate to the current Application. Select the Architecture Model and click OK (if no Architecture Models are visible, you can create Architecture Models in the Architecture Models view):

  • The selected Architecture Model will appear in the list.

Note about Architecture Model IDs

A unique identifier for your Architecture Model must be defined in the CAST Architecture Checker GUI for all models assigned to Applications in CAST AIP 8.3.2. This ID is used to identify the Architecture Model throughout the CAST Management Studio and the CAST dashboards (the ID will be saved to a table in the CAST Management Service schema).

  • A positive and even number above 2,000,000 can be assigned as an ID (values less than this are already reserved for use by CAST). CAST recommends using CAST Extend to reserve a range of IDs for your use. See for more information about this.
  • If an Architecture Model has already been assigned to an Application with ID = X, then even if the Architecture Model is subsequently edited in the CAST Architecture Checker and the ID changed (to ID = Y, for example), the Model will retain the same ID in the CAST Management Service schema as long as it is not removed from the Application.
  • The ID must be unique in the CAST Management Service schema. If two Architecture Models with the same ID are associated to an Application, only the first Model will be used and the second will be ignored.
  • If the ID is set to 0 (default) or blank, then the Architecture Model will be ignored when the snapshot is generated.

The following checks are performed for Architecture Model IDs during a snapshot generation and results will be logged in the CASTMSxx_log.txt file:

  • Different ID = Check Architecture Model _<Project_filename>_ : The Id from File _<ID>_ is ignored because different from original Id _<Original_ID>_ in CAST-MS
  • Duplicate ID = Check Architecture Model _<Project_filename>_ : The Model is ignored. Its Id _<ID>_ is already used by another Model in CAST-MS.
  • Wrong ID = Check Architecture Model _<Project_filename>_ : The Model is ignored. Wrong Id _<ID>_. The Id should be positive, even and > 2000000
  • Undefined ID = Check Architecture Model _<Project_filename>_ : : The Model is ignored. Id is Missing.
Remove/edit existing Architecture Models
  • To remove an Architecture Model from an Application click the button.
  • To edit an existing Architecture Model, click the button - the Architecture Model editor will then be displayed.
Table headings
Name Name of the Architecture Model assigned to the current Application.
Architecture Project Location of the .CASTarchitect file in which your Architecture Model is saved.
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