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This page is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

As described in the Export to CSV section in Using the CAST Engineering Dashboard (part of the CAST Engineering Dashboard - CED), it is possible to export various lists and tables to CSV format direct from the CAST Engineering Dashboard. By default, the data will be exported to a CSV file, which uses the semi-colon (;) as the default delimiter value. If this delimiter is not suitable for your environment, you can modify it via the web.xml file.

To do so, open the web.xml file with a text editor (this is the location on Apache Tomcat servers):


A commented block is provided for you to update and uncomment:

<!-- context-param>

By default this will produce exported files as follows:

Name;TQI;Biz Value;BFP;Cost;Effort
"Self Services";"2.81";"High business value";"1,491";"0";"0";
"FI Lenya";"2.92";"High business value";"997";"0";"0";
"FI SAP";"2.91";"Low business value";"6,104";"0";"0";
"HR Legacy";"3.21";"Low business value";"138";"11";"100";
"HR Addition";"3.06";"Very Low business value";"1,230";"0";"0";

The following configuration:


will lead to exported files containing:

Name,TQI,Biz Value,BFP,Cost,Effort
"Self Services","2.81","High business value","1,491","0","0",
"FI Lenya","2.92","High business value","997","0","0",
"FI SAP","2.91","Low business value","6,104","0","0",
"HR Legacy","3.21","Low business value","138","11","100",
"HR Addition","3.06","Very Low business value","1,230","0","0",

Following any changes you make, save the web.xml file and then restart your application server so that the changes are taken into account.

If you use Microsoft Excel to open the CSV file, remember to check that your Windows defined List Separator value matches the value you have defined above (see the Export to CSV > Troubleshooting section in Using the CAST Engineering Dashboard (part of the CAST Engineering Dashboard - CED)).

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