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CAST AIC Portal is unsupported. We encourage you to switch to AIP Console.

Target audience:

CAST AI Administrators

Summary: this page describes how to change the email address of the CAST AI Administrator that is used when one of the "Can't access" options on the login screen of the CAST AIC Portal is used.

If for any reason a user cannot access the CAST AIC Portal (they do not have a login or they have forgotten their password), the Can't access options offer them the chance to contact the administrator to request access:

When this option is used, two sub-options are provided:

  • Password lost
  • Request access

For each sub-option, a draft email will be created in the user's default email client requesting a new password or access:

The template for these draft emails cannot be changed (the user is free to change the draft email), however you can modify the email address of the CAST AI Administrator to which the email will be sent.

  • The email address can be modified in the following file which you should open in a text editor:
  • Find the following entries in the file and modify the email address as appropriate:
<!-- The email address of the Cast AIP administrator -->
  • Following any changes you make, save the web.xml file and then restart your application server so that the changes are taken into account.
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