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This section provides information about securing the deployment of CAST AIP using a legacy method. This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

Target audience:

CAST Platform Administrators

Summary: this section provides details about deploying and configuring the "Back Office" components as part of a secured deployment.

As described in Deployment - security, to deploy CAST AIP securely, the various CAST AIP components are divided into two distinct groups known as Front and Back Office. In the vast majority of situations (whether a standard CAST AIP installation (as described in Installing CAST AIP) or a secure deployment, Virtual Machines will be used to host the various CAST AIP components, and, whilst these Virtual Machines can be accessed in a variety of different ways (Remote Desktop etc.) the recommended secure method for using and accessing the Back Office components is via a Citrix XenApp application.

This section of documentation provides information about:

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