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This chapter is designed to give visibility on:

  • Why and how to review the default Assessment Model to check its applicability to the application,
  • Why and how to adapt the default Assessment Model when not applicable to the application,
  • Why and how to enrich the default Assessment Model with new indicators,
  • Why and how to distribution an Assessment Model adaptation and enrichment.

This chapter will go over the following topics:

  • Recommendations regarding Assessment Model adaptation and enrichment
    • Incl. Enabling repeatability
  • Accessing the Assessment Model configuration
    • Incl. Reusing an Assessment Model
  • Understanding the ways an Assessment Model can be adapted
  • Reviewing the configuration to understand what Software Analysis and Measurement information will be generated
  • Adapting the configuration to drive the generation of Software Analysis and Measurement information
    • Updating quality indicator contributions where appropriate
    • Disabling the quality indicator where appropriate
    • Updating the quality indicator parameter values where appropriate
  • Enabling "XXL tables" quality checks
  • Enriching the configuration with new indicators to perform new quality checks
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