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Starting from CAST AIP 8.3.23, CAST Architecture Checker will no longer be installed as part of the CAST AIP setup, whether installing CAST AIP from scratch or on a server where a previous release of CAST AIP exists. CAST Architecture Checker has evolved into a standalone component where all feature requests and bug fixes are now managed. This standalone component can be downloaded from CAST Extend (

Up-to-date documentation can be found here: CAST Architecture Checker.


This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the Toolbar menu within the CAST Architecture Checker. Note that all these options are also available in the File menu.

Use this option to create a new Architecture Model. The Architecture Model Definition dialog box will be displayed enabling you to do so. See Define a new Architecture Model for more information.

If you are working on an Architecture Model, you will be prompted to save any unsaved changes you have made.

Use this option to open an existing saved Architecture Model. A standard Windows Open File dialog box will be displayed enabling you to search for a .CASTArchitect file - the file type used to save an entire Architecture Model.


Note that if you open an Architecture Model created and saved with a previous release of CAST AIP (≤ 8.3.0), then you may be warned as follows:

This means that the Architecture Model was created with an older release of CAST AIP that did not include the ability to set Properties on the model (for example, associated Quality Rule name, weight, criticality, documentation etc.). As such, the CAST Architecture Checker has initialized these Properties in the Architecture Model with default values. These default values may not correspond to the values you may have set in the CAST Management Studio and therefore may impact results when the Architecture Model is used in an analysis.

See also Configuring model properties for more information about the Properties that can be configured.

Use this option to save your Architecture Model:
  • If you have not previously saved the Architecture Model, you will be offered the chance to choose the location and name of the .CASTArchitect file used to store the entire Architecture Model.
  • If you have previously saved the Architecture Model, this option will simply overwrite the existing .CASTArchitect file.
Use this option to define Properties for the current Architecture Model.
Use this option to undo the most recent change you have made.
Use this option to redo the most recent change you have undone.
Enables you to connect to a CAST Management Service to check the model interactively. See Connect and select application for more information.
Use this option to change the CAST Management Studio Application against which you are checking the model. See Change application for more information.
This option will check the content of your Architecture Model against the contents of the currently selected CAST Management Studio Application. The CAST Architecture Checker will display the number of objects that match a specific layer or set. See Check all layers for more information.
This option will display a list of objects that are considered to be overlapping, that is, that appear in multiple layers. See Check overlapping layers for more information.
This option is similar to the Check all layers option () - in addition to the results returned by Check Content, this current option will also return information about violations to the Architecture Model that you have created. See Check model for more information.

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