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Starting from CAST AIP 8.3.23, CAST Architecture Checker will no longer be installed as part of the CAST AIP setup, whether installing CAST AIP from scratch or on a server where a previous release of CAST AIP exists. CAST Architecture Checker has evolved into a standalone component where all feature requests and bug fixes are now managed. This standalone component can be downloaded from CAST Extend (

Up-to-date documentation can be found here: CAST Architecture Checker.

Access Rights

When you connect to a Management Service using the CAST Architecture Checker, you must specify a User name. This User name requires the following access rights for the server and the Management Service:

  • Connect
  • Read tables
  • Write to tables
  • Execute stored procedures

As such, CAST recommends that you re-use the same user specified in the Connection Profile used when launching the CAST Management Studio.


  • Note that in a CAST Storage Service environment, rights do NOT need to be managed. The default operator user already has the required rights to connect to a Management database.
Interaction with other CAST databases

The CAST Architecture Checker requires access to the CAST Analysis Service as part of general usage. However, the application will re-use Analysis Service login information stored in the CAST Management Service and as such the connection to the Analysis Service is seamless and does not require any user interaction.

CAST recommends, however, that you read the CAST Management Studio integrated help on Server Access rights and ensure that the user you are using in the CAST Management Studio to connect to the Analysis Service has sufficient rights.

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