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Summary: It is possible to "extend" CAST AIP with an extension to provide additional analysis and measurement capabilities both for technologies that are not supported "out-of-the-box" and for technologies supported in CAST AIP. Additionally, extensions can simply be any add-on (for example a custom Assessment Model) that has been built by a third-party. Extensions fall into two distinct categories, described below.

CAST AIP extensions

"Official" CAST AIP Extensions are provided by CAST and are installed on top of CAST AIP to provide support for specific technologies (analysis/measurement/discovery) that are not supported "out-of-the-box" by CAST AIP. These "official" extensions have their own product life-cycle for development, testing and shipping, which is independent from CAST AIP. You can find out more about the extensions that are available and how to download and install them, in the dedicated CAST AIP Extension documentation.

Third-party custom extensions

Custom extensions are those that have been built by third-parties - i.e. you or a CAST consultant. A custom extension can be any "add on" that enhances CAST AIP, for example:

  • CAST Scripts
  • DLM rule sets 
  • Customer-specific rules 
  • Jira integration
  • Scripts for automation with different schedulers (e.g. Jenkins) 
  • Customized assessment models; Architecture patterns; 
  • Regular expressions for the Metric Assistant 
  • SQL queries in SQL Tool and KB Update Assistant 
  • Reference Pattern
  • Parametrization engines 
  • Productivity Data for Assessment Model 
  • Report generator templates 
  • Excel sheets with examples of calculations or specific uses of AIP data

However, custom extensions are primarily created (see Scenario 3 - You want to create a new custom extension or modify an existing custom extension):

  • using the  CAST AIP Extension SDK to exploit existing CAST analyzers such as those for .NET/J2EE/SAP-ABAP/Universal Analyzer
  • as in previous releases of CAST AIP using the Universal Analyzer framework to provide analysis support through the creation of a Universal Analyzer language package for technologies that are neither supported out-of-the-box by CAST AIP, nor via an official CAST AIP Extension

Installing custom extensions

Just like the "official" CAST AIP extensions, custom extensions are installed on top of CAST AIP: depending on the type of extension, either automatically using CAST Server Manager or manually simply by re-using the extension in your own analysis environment.


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