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Connecting to the Discovery Portal

To connect to the Discovery Portal:

  • Open your web browser (Internet Explorer or other supported browser - see the Release Notes)
  • Enter the following URL:

Please note that the "SERVER_NAME" needs to be changed to the name (or IP address) of the server hosting the application server. The same is true for the port number, by default for Apache Tomcat it is "8080", although this may be different in the local environment.

In addition, the CAST Administrator needs to configure URL access to the CAST Discovery Portal using only /CASTAD. The default behavior for this URL is launch the CAST Engineering Dashboard. Please see URL access configuration in Deploy the CAST web applications for more information.

  • The connection screen will then be displayed:

  • If the connection screen banner mentions "Dashboard" instead of "Discovery Portal", please append "OpenAIP" to the URL. E.g.:
  • Enter the correct login and password combination - this will have been given to you by your CAST Administrator. This combination grants you access to information depending on the privileges your login has been given.
  • Click the Connect button to begin the connection process.
  • If the connection process is successful, the Site Selection page will be displayed, if not a warning message will be displayed - check your settings or contact the CAST Administrator and try again:

  • Select the Site (CAST Analysis Service) you want to access - the main Object Browser page will then be displayed.

CAST Discovery Portal interface

The CAST Discovery Portal has relatively few options and is thus simple to use. A brief description of the CAST Discovery Portal main page follows:


The toolbar is always displayed at the top of the screen. It contains various menus enabling you to move between the different functionalities:

  • Help > Launch context based on-line Help
  • Discovery Portal Site Selector > Return to list of Local Sites (Knowledge Bases) defined for your user name
  • Home Page > Return to the Home Page (located in the CAST Engineering Dashboard) defined for your user name (see CAST-CED - Managing users and roles for more about this)
  • Logout > Logs out the current user

Context menu

The Context menu is always displayed in the top left hand corner. It provides access to the:

  • Search Engine > available only in the Object Browser. It enables you to search for any object by name. More details are available in Using the Search Engine option. Use the Cross icon to close the menu.
  • Portfolio > This option displays the Portfolio Browser for a Quantity Metrics Summary (Systems and Applications) and Object Information, Object Descriptions, Quantity Metrics Summary, Linked Objects and Call Graph (for Modules and objects). See Using the Portfolio option.
  • User Projects > This option displays the Object Browser for Object Information, Object Descriptions, Linked Objects and Call Graph. See Using the User Project option.
  • Graphical Views > This option displays the Model Browser for Model Information, Model Image and Model Objects. See Using the Graphical Views option.
  • Domains > This option displays the Domain Browser for Domain Information and Domain Objects. See Using the Domain option.
  • Reports > This option displays the Static Report Browser for Report Details. See Using the Reports option.

Main Window

The main window displays information about items selected in each browser.


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