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CAST AI Administrators

Summary: In Supported Platforms and Supported Technologies you will find that CAST uses various categories to define its platform/technology support. These categories require some further explanation, which are given below.


Platforms/technologies in this category have been tested by CAST. You can expect full support from our Technical Support team for any issues you may have with a platform/technology listed in this category.

Supported by reference

Platforms/technologies listed in this category have been part of a light test cycle at CAST and are therefore not listed in the Supported category.

However, based on our understanding of the differences (which should not be relevant to CAST AIP), it is expected that the current version of CAST AIP will run smoothly on them. These platforms/technologies will be subject to the same level of attention provided by our Technical Support team, however it is likely that the resolution time for issues will be longer due to infrastructure related to these specific versions.

Examples of why a platform is in this category: it may simply be a 32bit version of a 64bit platform listed in the Supported category, or may have a non-tested Service Pack applied.

Deprecated support

Support for platforms/technologies in this category is now deprecated. This means we do not recommend that a customer remains on them and should consider upgrading to a supported platform as we do not provide support for these platforms/technologies:

  • Support will reproduce issues on a supported platform/technology only
  • Bugs that occur only on a deprecated platform/technology, will not be fixed
  • New CAST AIP features might not work on a deprecated platform

Platforms/technologies that fall into this category are typically those that CAST has supported in the past, but which have been superseded by a more recent version of the platform released by the vendor that is now listed in the Supported category.

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