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CAST AIP 8.2.14 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

  • 7.3.0 - 7.3.11   
  • 8.0.0 - 8.0.5
  • 8.1.0 - 8.1.7
  • 8.2.0 - 8.2.13

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.2.14 and that are not already listed in the "Bug Fix Lists" of the above mentioned releases. There are issues listed below. Note that the column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Call ID


SituationSymptomsInternal ID
12790CMS Snapshot/AnalysisWhen looking at the results of the following rules: 
4594 "Avoid using ''" 
4596 "Avoid using 'java.lang.System.getenv()'" 
4598 "Avoid using 'java.lang.Runtime.exec()'" 
4600 "Avoid using 'java.System.exit()'" 
4604 "Avoid using 'java.lang.Error'" 
4606 "Avoid using 'sun.*' Classes" 
4618 "Avoid instantiating Boolean" 
4694 "Avoid using 'System.gc'" 
4704 "Avoid using Vector"
Violations are incorrectly raised for these rules for objects that are an instantiation of a class (JV_INST_CLASS type) AND that are associated to an external class.SCRAIP-32621
13272CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of a Mainframe analysis.There are no links between COBOL programs and copybooks where a dot (.) does not exist in the code at the end of the END-EXEC in the EXEC SQL block: 

INCLUDE DLI05901 00 
13358Transaction Configuration Center (TCC)When looking at the results of a snapshot in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center and after having ignored/merged/deleted some datafunctions.The DET value for the ignored/merged/deleted datafunctions is set to 0 which is unexpected.SCRAIP-33124
13427Delivery Manager Tool - Projects DiscoveryWhen attempting to package a .NET application where an @ is present in the Include attribute of a Reference tag.The packaging fails.SCRAIP-33161
13526,13869CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Dashboard AutomationWhen attempting to generate a snapshot and the URL entered in the "URL" field in the CAST Management Studio Dashboard Service editor uses the https protocol.The snapshot fails with an error.SCRAIP-33270
14048CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen generating a snapshot.Activity related to "DssEngine" is much slower in 8.2.11 than in 8.2.8.SCRAIP-33597
14162Delivery Manager Tool - Projects DiscoveryWhen attempting to package a .NET project.The CAST Delivery Manager tool incorrectly includes the full path to a DLL file (rather than just the DLL file name) which causes a missing project alert to be raised even though the corresponding project exists in the source code.SCRAIP-33622
14353CAST Update Tool (CUT)When using the CAST Update Tool to perform an upgrade.The process gets stuck at a cleanup query "migr_clean_duplicated_objects.sql" for more than 24hrs.SCRAIP-33691
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