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Systems, Applications, and Modules organization management requires preparation through investigation of existing organization or simulation of aggregation results.
It also requires frequent recovery points of Analysis Service to allow re-composition.
Recommendations are:

  • Names of aggregated contexts of the Systems, Applications, and Modules organization do not impact the results but they can improve readability and understanding of information restitution
  • Carefully think about the structure of the Systems, Applications, and Modules organization, as
    • its re-organization will require a new resource-consuming sequence of computations
  • To be able to rebuild using an updated Systems, Applications, and Modules organization structure or to be able to build a new Dashboard Service using a different Systems, Applications, and Modules organization, perform Analysis Service backups after each notable update
  • To avoid frequent rebuilds, you can use the following tips:
    • Do not map Applications to Technologies as this aggregation is built-in
    • Do not map Applications and Systems to the development organization as this aggregation capability is built-in (however, this is outside of the scope of the current document)
    • Map Applications and Systems to similar concepts that may exist in the implemented Helpdesk / PPM / ... solutions as it will bridge the gap between the software solutions and simplify communication and cross-examination of source code quality with quality in use - "Quality in use" is the quality perceived by the end-users, be it objective or not. -, or of source code quality and quantity with costs... E.g.: map Systems to Programs and Applications to included Projects.
    • Otherwise, due to existing aggregation mechanisms in the Applications, and Modules organization (simple average), group Modules into Applications so as to build balanced groups: balanced regarding their functional domain as well as their mission-critical dimension vis-à-vis business activity (to help create balanced groupings, simulate the quality aggregation before running any snapshot)
  • Take great care about the Focus on Module content chapter as it will help build balanced and meaningful Applications
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