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CAST Administrators

Summary: This page provides information that should help you to qualify the Oracle Forms application you need to analyze.

Oracle Forms/Report source code

The Oracle Forms Analyzer can support the analysis of the following files. Each of the files listed below is considered a "project" and therefore an Analysis Unit.

Please also see Supported Technologies for a list of the supported Oracle Forms/Reports releases.

Oracle Forms

  • .FMB
  • .OLB
  • .MMB
  • .PLL

Oracle Reports

  • .REX

If you have Oracle Reports .RDF files and would like to include them, you can convert them to .REX files as follows:

Source code organization

Before delivering your source code with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, CAST recommends organizing it as follows:

  • All the source code must be stored in a single folder (PLL / FMB all in one folder), or:
  • All the PLLs must be stored in a dedicated folder and the FMBs in different dedicated folder.

What needs to be installed for a successful source code delivery and analysis?

Please see Oracle Forms and Reports for more information about what you need to install in order to deliver and analyze Oracle Forms/Reports source code.

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