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This documentation refers to versions 7.0.3 and earlier of the CAST SAP Extractor. These versions are now superseded, but can still be used with CAST AIP 7.0 to 7.3. For the documentation of the current version the SAP extractor, please see CAST SAP Extractor NG Admin Guide.


If you are going to analyze ABAP client code and want to identify links to SAP tables/programs, then you need to extract information from your SAP system. To do this you need to carry out the installation and configuration process described in this guide. This process is carried out on your SAP instance.

CAST employs two intermediary extraction tools to extract the table/program data into a format that can be read by the ABAP Analyzer. There are two tools:

  • ZCAST_EXTRACTOR_PRG.txt > extracts all programs, includes, user-exits, functions, classes, interfaces, BAPI, processing screens, transactions, Web Dynpro for ABAP, including source code, belonging to SAP packages.
  • ZCAST_EXTRACTOR_TAB.txt > extracts all tables and views belonging to SAP object names. In addition, it allows you to extract the number of rows for database tables that have been extracted.

The extraction tools are located at the root of your CAST installation folder.

The tools listed above are specifically designed for SAP v. ECC6. CAST provides similar tools for use with previous versions of SAP. See SAP Extractors and SAP versions for more information.

SAP source code packaging methods

CAST provides two methods for packaging SAP source code ready for analysis with the ABAP Analyzer:

  • You can run the extraction tools described above directly from the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (see Source code delivery - an introduction for more information) - in this case the CAST Delivery Manager Tool will connect to the SAP instance and run the extraction tools itself. The output files are handled and packaged automatically by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. CAST recommends using this option, however, you must follow specific installation and configuration instructions that will allow the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to connect directly to the SAP instance. This equates to the SAP option in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool:

  • You can run the extraction tools from within the SAP instance. In this case you must transfer the resulting output files to a Windows machine and then package them with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. This equates to the Files on your system option in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool:

Each method requires that you install specific items in the SAP instance. Please see the SAP Extractors - installation process for more information about this.


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