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A "greenfield" installation is typically performed in the following order:

The installation steps are detailed below:


Install CAST AIP components

Run the CAST AIP setup.bat. This corresponds to the installation of a CAST Administration workstation that will host all CAST components that you need to setup and/or run the CAST Application Plaftorm.

See: Install CAST AIP components.

Note that CAST AIP is delivered in a ZIP file that needs to be unzipped to a folder on the CAST Administration workstation. Once unzipped, the setup.exe file can be run to start the installation.

Acquire your CAST AIP Extensions

Before you can install a CAST AIP Extension with your CAST schemas, you first need to acquire it. This is an optional step.

See: Download your CAST AIP Extensions

Install CAST schemas

CAST Application Intelligence Platform relys on a set of databases/schemas to store the data resulting from the source code analysis. This databases/schemas are created during this step and you can follow different scenarios (deployment scenario) This step is executed from the CAST Administration workstation configured in Step 1 using CAST Server Manager.

You can optionally install your downloaded CAST AIP Extensions at the same time as you install the CAST schemas.

See: Install CAST schemas.

Initialize the platform preferences in CAST Management Studio

Run the CAST Management Studio to:

  • Enter a license key
  • Configure the source code Delivery and Deployment folders
  • Optionally import the Assessment Model if you have installed CAST AIP Extensions at the same time as installing your CAST schemas

See: Initialize the platform preferences in CAST Management Studio.

Deploy the CAST web applications

Deploy the CAST web applications. This includes:

  • the CAST AIC Portal to manage the delivery and packaging of source code for analysis via the CAST Delivery Manager Tool (DMT) - mandatory. The source code Delivery folder also needs to be defined at this point.
  • the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard for high level data consumption
  • the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard for for detailed data investigation
  • the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard and the CAST Discovery Portal for detailed data investigation (optional based on your license agreement)

See: Deploy the CAST web applications

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