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This page enables you to compare any metric, i.e. Health Factor, Rule Compliance, Technical Criteria, Quantity Metric, Quality Metric, Quality Rule, Distribution and Measure-based - either in Monitoring mode (comparing the same context across selected Snapshots) or in Benchmarking mode (comparing selected contexts together).

The page can be accessed from the Quick Access and you need to ensure you select a Metric or Quality Rule as well as a Context/Technology.

Technical Criterion Value Comparison section

This section shows a Technical Criterion comparison (Quality & Quantity metric) with graphical and table comparisons, and a zoom on variation showing differences between snapshots for selected context:

Note that the above graph is used in many different contexts throughout the CAST Engineering Dashboard. As such, its display is generic, which leads to the systematic display of metric names on the horizontal axis.

Drill Down - Metric Value Comparison section

This section shows a Drill Down - Metric Value comparison (sub-metric values) with graphical and table comparisons:

Note that a Roll Up - Business Criteria Value comparison (parent metric values) is also available.

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