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When you have configured a Version and packaged some source code the next step is to validate the packaging to ensure that what you a delivering to the CAST AI Center for analysis is coherent. This validation needs to be undertaken using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.

Key tasks:

Check the Package Content tab

The first thing you should do is to check the Package Content tab for each Package in your Version. This tab displays information about what the CAST Delivery Manager has identified in the source code package according to the configuration settings set in the Package Configuration tab:

Check the following:

  • That at least one Project has been identified and selected in the Projects found section - projects that are marked with Selected will be automatically transformed into Analysis Units when the Version is accepted (see 2.1. Set-up the analysis) in the CAST Management Studio.
  • That there are no Packaging Alerts - if there are any (these indicate whether projects or files that are referenced in the target source code can be resolved), then you need to check that these will not stop the analysis from proceeding correctly and that all the necessary code is present. If required, you may need to package additional code so that the alerts are resolved.
  • The Files found (only when working with file based source code (as oppose to a database or schema) - ensure that the file extensions listed and the number of files are as expected.
  • The potential errors or warnings in the Log Summary section

Define exclusions if necessary

Please see the following child pages for more information:

Handle any DMT delivery alerts

Please see the following child pages for more information:

Re-run the Package action

To ensure that the exclusions/alerts remediations you have defined are taken into account, you need to re-run the packaging action at Version level (i.e. all packages are re-packaged):

Finally check the Package Content tab to ensure that the projects you have excluded are marked as ignored:

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