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Viewing project differences

Enlighten has a built in feature that enables you to see a HTML report detailing the differences (Project Name, Analysis Date, who analyzed it, number of different objects) between various analyses of the same project (job).

To use this function however, two specific options first need to be set in the corresponding job in Analysis Manager:

  • Make sure the Miscellaneous options Generate differential report and Keep history for differential report in the job's Job Definition page are set to TRUE (see the on-line Help for Analysis Manager for more information):

  • Once the options have been set to true, project differences and project differences history will be stored in the Knowledge Base the next time the job is run and subsequently thereafter.

To view the differences between two or more analyses of the same job:

  1. Right click the project (job) - usually at the root of the Objects Browser tree hierarchy)
  2. Select the Project Differences option.
  3. An HTML report detailing differences between analyses of the same project (job) will be generated and displayed in the Report List in the Output window:
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