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CAST AI Administrators

Summary: this section describes how to download any CAST AIP Extensions that you may need to perform an analysis and snapshot generation with CAST AIP. This step is optional.


An extension is a generic term for any kind of distinct addition to CAST AIP which can be downloaded, installed and upgraded separately. An extension usually provides support for:

  • technologies/frameworks that are not supported "out-of-the-box" by CAST AIP (for example PHP or EGL)
  • methods of extracting and discovering source code stored in specific repositories that are not supported "out-of-the-box" by CAST AIP (for example CVS or Git)
You can find a list of technologies/frameworks supported by an extension in Supported Technologies. You can also find a full set of documentation for extensions here.

Downloading the extension

Before you can install a CAST AIP Extension with your CAST schemas, you first need to download it. CAST provides the automatic download of extensions over the internet via a tool called the CAST Extension Downloader. Please follow Download an extension which explains how to use the CAST Extension Downloader to obtain the extensions to want to install.

Installing the extension



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