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Making syntax or semantic errors in the XSLT is easy and will result in objects or links that don't appear in CAST Enlighten. In addition, it is difficult to find the cause of the errors. This is why you must use a tool that allows you to test your XSLT file against the XML file that is to be analyzed. You can find free tools that do this, such as XMLSpy (

To carry out this customization, you must have a good working knowledge of the XSLT language. The goal is to transform the information gathered from the ejb-jar.xml and XML deployment descriptor files into an independent XML representation of an EJB defined by the following XSD:

<CAST Installation folder>\configuration\dllConfigurations\Analyzers\EJB\ejb-module-infos.xsd

You can read other XSTL files to see how this has been done for other application servers here:

<CAST Installation folder>\configuration\dllConfigurations\Analyzers\EJB