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The CAST Engineering Dashboard's Report Builder feature includes the possibility of auto generating PDF reports when a snapshot is generated (see Using the Report Builder for more information). This feature requires the reports to be saved to a hard disk location (either locally to the application server hosting the CAST Engineering Dashboard or to a networked location using a mapped drive).

The default location of the report is set to:


The location of cast.web.home is set by default to the following location on the machine hosting the application server (and the user that is used to run the application server):


If you need to change this, uncomment the following section of the web.xml file and specifically edit the [C:\castweb] value to match your own requirements:

<!-- context-param>
    <description>the path to home repository of cast web</description>

Following any changes you make, save the web.xml file and then restart your application server so that the changes are taken into account.

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