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CAST AI Administrators

Summary: This page explains how to modify error messages displayed on login to the CAST Application Analytics and Engineering Dashboards.


It is possible to modify the messages displayed in red described below:

  • When a user logs in and the user is not authorized to view any data in the dashboard (for example a new user with no role and no data authorization assigned to it) a message is displayed as follows and further use of the dashboard is prevented.

  • When a user logs in and either the user name or password is incorrect, an error message is displayed:

Change these messages

To change these messages, first locate and open the following file in a text editor:

AAD - %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-AAD\portal\resources\urls.json
AED - %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CAST-AED\engineering\resources\urls.json
  • Locate the following sections in the file:
    "id": "login-invalid-user",
    "message":"You are not authorized to access any applications"
    "id": "login-invalid-data",
    "message":"Sorry, username or password invalid"
  • Now edit the "message" you want to change and add in your own message. For example, to modify the authorization message:
    "id": "login-invalid-user",
    "message": "You are not authorized to access any applications - please contact your administrator."
  • Following any changes you make, save the urls.json file and then restart your application server so that the changes are taken into account.
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