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Benchmark your applications to industry peers

Appmarq is by far the biggest repository of data about real IT systems. As of this writing, it's built on 2500+ analyzed applications, made of 40+ different technologies, by over 400 business organizations across major verticals. It provides IT Leaders with factual key analytics to let them know if their applications are on track on Robustness, Security, Efficiency, Changeability, Transferability and System-Level defects.

The above figure shows overall health factor benchmarks, and benchmarks by technical criteria. The figure below shows rule-by-rule benchmarks for a selected set of rules. Appmarq provides rule-based benchmarks by calculating compliance ratios across the sample and comparing it to that of the application being benchmarked.

In complement of benchmarks at the application level, CAST Appmarq also provides portfolio-level benchmarks by allowing customers to group, visualize and aggregate scores and metrics across a set of applications. So you can see your portfolio compared to industry, as shown below.

CAST Appmarq generates out-of-the-box benchmark PPT or PDF reports which, like the online product, list the different health factor scores, rule-by-rule compliance scores and benchmark results (ranking, quartiles) for a given application. These benchmark reports also break out the data by application and show composite benchmark views by portfolio. See sample in the figure below, for full sample reports, please click here.

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