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CAST Administrators

Summary: this page provides detailed information about CAST's support for the BusinessObjects technology.

Detailed technology support

Language versionSupportedSupported by referenceDeprecated support

BusinessObjects XI

BusinessObjects XI R2 (tick) 
BusinessObjects XI 3.0 (tick) 
BusinessObjects XI 3.1(tick)  

SAP Business Intelligence BusinessObjects 4.0

SAP Business Intelligence BusinessObjects 4.1(tick)  
Please see Support category explanations for more information about the column headings.

Required third-party software

To successfully deliver and analyze BusinessObjects code, the following third-party software is required:

Install on workstation running the DMT (for extraction)
Install on workstation running CMS (for analysis)

Nothing required

Note that the CAST Delivery Manager Tool simply requires the location of the Universe files for extraction and packaging.

Software required

  • you must ensure that BusinessObjects (the BO Designer module) is installed on the workstation on which the CAST Management Studio is being run from.
  • you must manually define a connection to the BusinessObjects instance on which your Universe files are used - this instance must be available during the analysis process in the CAST Management Studio.

BusinessObjects objects and links

The following section lists the objects and links between objects that the BusinessObjects analyzer is capable of detecting and storing in the CAST Analysis Service:


Analysis/BO Project




List Of Value

BO Detail

BO Dimension

BO Measure

BO Universe

Link Type
When is this type of link created?
Refer (R)Between two linked Universes
Use Select (Us)Between a Universe and a database table/view

File types

CAST AIP supports the analysis of Universes (.unv files) only.


The following section lists technical and functional aspects with regard to analysis of BusinessObjects source code:

Source code availability in the CAST Engineering Dashboard

Note that analyzed source code from BusinessObjects is not visible in the CAST Engineering Dashboard - see Violation Viewer for more information.


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