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Summary: This section provides information about how to uninstall CAST AIP and subsequently re-install it.

Uninstalling CAST AIP

To uninstall CAST AIP, use the Windows program manager in the Control Panel > Programs and Features. Any previous installation of CAST AIP will be displayed as below:

What do you want to remove?Notes
CAST AIP (major/minor release)

Double click the entry in the Control Panel > Programs and Features and click OK when prompted.

Note that Service Packs ( 8.2.2) that have been applied to a major/minor release (e.g: x.x.0) cannot be uninstalled separately. If you need to rollback to a previous Service Pack, you need perform an uninstallation and then re-install the required Service Pack.

Note the above does not apply to CAST AIP 8.2.1, in this situation, you need perform an uninstallation, re-install the "baseline" release (i.e. CAST AIP 8.2.0) and then apply CAST AIP 8.2.1.

CAST AIP (Service Pack)
CAST Report GeneratorDelivered as a separate component. Can be removed at any time and does not impact CAST AIP/CAST Storage Service.
CAST Storage Service

Delivered as a separate component. Can be removed at any time and does not impact CAST AIP.

Remember that doing this will ALSO remove any CAST databases (Management/Analysis/Dashboard/Measurement) installed on the CAST Storage Service - see Appendix - CAST Storage Service maintenance activities for more information about backing up your CAST Storage Service).

Please note that:

  • in certain, undetermined situations, you might see the CAST AIP shortcut and directory still present in the Start menu after the uninstall process has completed.
  • you should ALWAYS restart the workstation following an uninstall procedure to ensure that the registry is cleaned up.

Re-installing the same version of CAST AIP

CAST always recommends fully uninstalling CAST AIP and rebooting the machine before you re-install the SAME version of CAST AIP. However, if you have an existing CAST Storage Service and want to retain it (i.e. you only want to re-install CAST AIP), then do NOT uninstall the CAST Storage Service.

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