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This step should always be executed as part of the first time analysis of an application performed during the on-boarding with CAST AIP. When re-analyzing an application, this step is considered optional and it is not always required unless the differences between subsequent source code deliveries highlight significant changes in the application that require partial or full re-onboarding of the application.

It is considered good practice to routinely re-validate the configuration of application anyway. The frequency of such quality check depends on the frequency of reanalysis and may be triggered but key events linked to the IT configuration change management process (e.g. refactoring, consolidations, etc.)

Once the analysis is complete, the generated log files need to be reviewed to verify that no error or warning which may impact the quality of the results have been detected. For each of the technologies supported by CAST, the log manager will produce a set of statistics to verify the analysis and compare this to the previous analysis. Furthermore, the Dynamic Links need to be verified as well as the display in the CAST Engineering Dashboard. For both there are tools that are supportive for the final technical validation.

Validation includes the following tasks:

The validation step included here must be executed in the order in which they have been listed. if you need to resolve an issue detected in any step and this requires changing the analysis configuration, the validation process needs to be re-started from the first activity listed above,  i.e. by reviewing and resolving any issue identified in the analysis log.


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