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This step is performed by the application team with the support of the CAST Admin. It encompasses all tasks associated with the extraction, packaging and validation of the application source code to be analyzed and with the delivery of the version. It may include, if required, the configuration of exclusions (e.g. test code) performed via fine tuning the configuration of the CAST Delivery Manager Tool packages.


(tick)This section assumes that your CAST AIC Portal is already installed and configured. Please refer to Installing and configuring the CAST AIC Portal to find out more about this.

For specific technologies (DB2 z/OS and SAP) CAST provides standalone "extractors" that must be installed on the DB2 z/OS or SAP system before you run the CAST Delivery Manager Tool:

  • In the case of DB2 z/OS, the "extractor" is implemented as a IBM zOS JCL job and must be installed and executed on the z/OS platform. Then, resulting files need to be transferred onto a Windows machine before they can be packaged in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. There is no direct access to z/OS from the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.
  • For SAP, the "extractor" can either be installed and run to generate output files that are then fed into the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, or installed to allow direct access from the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.

You can find out more information about installing, configuring and running each extractor in the following guides:

(tick)Any workstation on which you want to download and run the CAST Delivery Manager Tool requires a Java JRE. See Supported Platforms for more information.

Source Code Delivery Guide

All aspects of the delivery of application source code are explained in the Source Code Delivery Guide for Application Teams. For example:

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