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Summary: This page provides information that should help you to qualify the .NET application you need to analyze.


You need to know the version of Visual Studio .NET used to develop the application. Then, you must check that the application does not use any unsupported features (check the Release Notes for the latest list).


You must first find out if the application is written in C# or VB.NET. If the application is written in C# and if you are using a Microsoft SQL Server as an Analysis Service, we highly recommend that you use a case sensitive collation/charset for the Analysis Service as C# is case sensitive. If you choose not to, you may experience problems if two objects with the same name and written with different cases are used (i.e.: MyObject and myobject). In this case there will be a conflict in the Analysis Service (as the Analysis Service cannot distinguish between those two objects).

General architecture

You don't need to know much about the architecture. You need to know if the application uses a database and, if so, you need to know what part of the database (which database/schema if several exist) is used.


  • If any connection string is used in the file, check that it is correct
  • Check that the encoding is not using a Unicode unsupported language. Please see Supported Character Sets for more information.

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