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Summary: Here we have specified one of several approaches for configuring a reverse proxy for the CAST dashboards to hide the application server or to take advantage of some specific Apache configuration. This method assumes that you have installed Apache HTTP Server (available at We recommend using version 2.4 (minimum) - 2.2 is NOT recommended.

The steps required to establish the reverse proxy are as follows. First, edit the httpd.conf file available in the Apache installation location e.g.:


Load the two modules listed below by uncommenting the following two lines in the httpd.conf file:

LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/ 

At the end of the httpd.conf file add the reverse proxy configuration as follows - adapt the following examples to your own environment. The ProxyPass option allows you to indicate the application server URLs you want to make available to Apache, and the ProxyPassReverse option ensures that redirects are handled correctly:

ProxyPass /dashboard http://application_server:8080/dashboard
ProxyPass /manager http://application_server:8080/manager/html
ProxyPassReverse / http://application_server:8080/

Save the httpd.conf file and then restart ApacheNow when you enter the http://apache_server/dashboard the request will be redirected to http://application_server:8080/dashboard

You can add multiple entries for ProxyPass depending on the number of sites/URLs/instances you have deployed on different machines or same machine.

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