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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Dashboard Package 1.14.0.

Content matrix

VersionSummary of contentComments
  • Bug fixing
  • GUI updates

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.16

RestAPI documentation

Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDSummaryAffects Version/s

AED 1.12 - Action Plan View is displaying incorrect data in the drop down for the columns


Avoid Drill Down option for Quality Measures.


Missing commas for the numerical values in the Health Dashboard package 1.13.2


Inconsistencies in the compliance ratio for HD 1.13.2


Custom rule parameter is not visible in dashboard


Application missing from Engineering Dashboard after API call


[Engineering Dashboard] Violations details not displayed for new/custom rule

1.13.2, 8.3.16

Non-Critical Violations Listed Incorrectly as Critical in List_Of_New_Violations Report


Updates - Engineering Dashboard

Improvements to Excel export in Transaction Investigation view

The downloadable Excel spreadsheet now includes the Application Name and Snapshot ID (usually the date):

Updates - Health Dashboard

Improvements to drill down display from Module Mapping tile

When drilling down from the Module Mapping tile and then clicking on a specific module in the Modules Treemap display, some improvements have been made as follows:

Selector to switch rule display

A selector has been added in order to be able to toggle the display from a list of rules (as in previous releases of the dashboard) to rules listed by technical criteria:

New column display

The columns displayed for rules/Technical Criteria have been re-arranged to match other areas of the dashboard, tooltips have been added and the Score column has been added:


Displays a score from 1 - 4 (4 being good) for the specific Technical Criterion/Rule.

Note that a Technical Criterion with a score of 0 will always be displayed so that any contributing rules with scores can be viewed. A score of 0 can occur when the weight of all the contributing rules have been manually set to 0.

Snapshot selector enabled

The snapshot version selector has now been enabled (previously it was not possible to select a specific snapshot version from here):

If a Module is in focus that is not present in the chosen snapshot, a message will be displayed to explain this and offering the option to choose a specific Module:

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