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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Dashboard Package 1.13.1.

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UI changes:

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.16

RestAPI documentation

Resolved issues

No customer bugs fixed in this release.

Updates - Engineering Dashboard

DASHBOARDS-1195 - Critical rule flag now displayed in some Miscellaneous Reports

The following Miscellaneous Reports have been modified to show the critical rule flag:

  • List of removed violations
  • List of new violations

This flag is displayed as a red dot:

DASHBOARDS-1602 - Predefined Industry Compliance reports

The list of available Industry Compliance Reports has been updated this release. New reports in this release:

OWASP-Mobile-2016 Compliance Report
CWE (2011) Top-25 Compliance Report
CWE (2019) Top-25 Compliance Report
OMG-ASCQM Compliance Report
OMG-ASCQM Security Compliance Report

DASHBOARDS-1413 - UI update for the Action Plan

Some aspects of the Action Plan have been updated to provided a better end-user experience:

Click to enlarge

Users can now filter the Action Plan table based on the Priority, Status, Comment and Rule columns (multiple filter criteria). For example, it is now possible to select a single filter criterion or multiple filter criteria in one column or multiple columns. There is a new icon in the table header to trigger the filter dropdown:

A the bottom of the list of violations in the Action Plan there are now improved options for pagination of items:

The Showing option allows you to view violations in groups of 20, 100 or all violations:

The arrow icons allow you to move through the violations:

Return to the very first page of violations.

Go back one page, depending on the number of violations chosen for display.

Go forward one page, depending on the number of violations chosen for display.

Go straight to the very last page of violations.
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