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By default, Action Plan tile displays, initially, the total number of objects that have been added to the Action Plan list since the last snapshot was generated. Clicking the tile will take you directly to the Action Plan).


  • type: tile type has to be ActionPlanSummary
  • parameters: none
  • color : tile color
  • other parameters for sizing and positioning of the tile - see Tile Sizing and Positioning


	"type": "ActionPlanSummary",
	"parameters": {},
	"color": "blue",
	"col": 5,
	"row": 8,
	"sizex": 2,
	"sizey": 1,
	"min-sizex": 1,
	"min-sizey": 1,
	"max-sizex": 2,
	"max-sizey": 2,
	"id": "c934"
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