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Package contents:

New Features:

  • Engineering and Health Dashboard: User notification added for cache refresh


  • Contains customer bug fixes for the Engineering Dashboard and the Health Dashboard

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.16

RestAPI documentation


New Features

Add user notification after a cache reloadAppropriate user notifications are added to inform user about availability of new snapshots and new applications.
Additional web services to reload the cache: refresh and resetThese new web services allows cache reloading without interrupting the user, when a new snapshot or new authorizations are available.

Feature Improvements

Optimization of the cache reloadThe procedure to reload/refresh the cache has been made more efficient

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3146HD: Module selector scroll not working properly for big screen
DASHBOARDS-3150HD: AIP assessment model is selected in detailed view when you drill down from OMG-ASCQM industry tile
DASHBOARDS-3142HD-Redesign: Table data is not correct when filtered by module
DASHBOARDS-3080ED: APR - Slider drag is not accurate.
DASHBOARDS-3062ED: Global search not working for other Industry Standard metrics
DASHBOARDS-2704ED displays a blank page when you drill down from global search result
DASHBOARDS-3102HD: Extraction errors of a measurement base
DASHBOARDS-3187HD: Reset Zoom option is overlapped with graph nodes
DASHBOARDS-3149HD: Drop down selector is overlapping with copyright text

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
27860Compliance with WCAG Standard.
26907Health Dashboard tiles are not getting loaded when setting the chrome language to Chinese (Simplified)
27994Violations are not visible in Transaction Investigation View of ED
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