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Application node - Right hand panel

The Application node represents an Application that is present in the CAST Management Service schema:

The right hand panel displays as follows:

Snapshots table This table shows all existing snapshots stored in the CAST Dashboard Service schemas managed by the CAST Management Service you are connected to; listing the following fields:
  • snapshot name
  • date it was calculated
  • the date chosen prior to generating the snapshot
  • number of Transactional Functions
  • number of Data Functions
  • Automatic Function Points
  • Enhancement Function Points / Automatic Enhancement Function Points

You can also use the Filter icon in each column heading to sort and filter according to content:


  • Choose the filter type in the drop down list
  • Choose whether the criteria will be applied using case sensitive text or not.
  • Enter the filter text.

Only content that matches the chosen criteria will be displayed.

Technologies table This table displays the Technology types that are part of the current Application, i.e. the Technologies that are part of the most recent analysis data in the CAST Analysis Service schema.
Object types table This table lists all the objects that have been saved in the CAST Analysis Service schemas for the selected Application. This can be used to help configure the sets you may need to define (see Generate sets).

See the following for more information about the child nodes:

- Transaction Configuration node
- AFP Calibration node
- Enhancement node

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