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Feature Improvements

Technology support changes

Please see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.

Installation and deployment

Storage hosts

CAST AIP schemas can now be installed from scratch on PostgreSQL 10.5 where hosted on a Linux Operating System.

CAST Management Studio

Application editor > Execution tab

The Reports and Logs section now includes a column called "Version" which indicates release of CAST AIP was used to generate the report. If this column is empty when a report is present, this means that the report existed prior to the upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.7. This column will be filled when a new snapshot is generated (for example the post upgrade consistency snapshot).

Health Dashboard

Consolidation using GUI/CLI tools

Unlock option

If you have used AadConsolidation-GUI.exe to perform a synchronization, but this synchronization is aborted for whatever reason, then the Measurement Service schema will remain in a "locked" state and no further synchronization can take place. A new "unlock" option has been added to the GUI and CLI tools to allow the Measurement Service schema to be unlocked. See Using the GUI and CLI tools for Health Dashboard for more information.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.7 

Call IDComponent/sSituationSymptomsInternal ID
When attempting to package an Eclipse Java project with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. The DMT shows "missing library file" alerts in the packaging alerts section for ZIP files, however, the ZIP files are present in the expected location with the JAR files.SCRAIP-33617
11825CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen attempting to generate a snapshot when the CAST AIP schemas are very large.The snapshot generation time is very slow and hangs during DSSAPP_INIT_SCOPE_ARTIFACTS.SCRAIP-33615
When using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.After completing the packaging for the Version, the OK button does not get enabled and stays disabled for more than 4 days.SCRAIP-33612
12187Delivery Manager ToolWhen packaging a JEE application using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.Missing project alerts are returned for missing WAR files. Using an automated extraction of required jar files, the required WAR files that are in the Maven Repository are not picked up.SCRAIP-33614
12540CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Metrics CalculationWhen looking at the results of the rule "Avoid executing multiple OPEN statements - 7644".False positive violations are returned when the code contains multiple OPEN statements differentiated with an IF clause.SCRAIP-33613
12835CAST Engineering DashboardWhen looking at the statistics for Mainframe CICS in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard.The CICS file count is showing the same value as for the CICS artifact count. The file count should be much less.SCRAIP-33610
12862CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of the rule "Variables defined in Working-Storage section must be initialized before to be read - 8034".False positive violations are returned.SCRAIP-33611
12888CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of the rule "Avoid unreferenced Sections and Paragraphs - 7290".False positive violations are returned.SCRAIP-33616
13102CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of the rule "Never truncate data in MOVE statements - 7688".False positive violations are visible.SCRAIP-32899
13105CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of the rule "Prefer using indexes instead of subscripts - 8142".False positive violations are visible.SCRAIP-32900
13114CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of the rule "Subscripts and iterators must be defined with BINARY usage - 8140".False positive violations are returned.SCRAIP-32916
13158Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD)When looking at the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard with regard to the TQI tile.The TQI tile displays "Unknown Value" for CICS technology.SCRAIP-33609
13337CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking at the results of a Mainframe analysis.Some objects that are part of a transaction call path have been deleted, however, the transaction status remains unexpectedly as unchanged. This is because a checksum value is never calculated for the following objects during an analysis, therefore changes made to them are ignored: 
JCL Job, JCL Data Set, and JCL Step. 
13357Source extractorsWhen attempting to run a database extraction.When the option "Skip_modification_check_schema" is enabled and set with two schemas separated by a comma, if the schemas that are in exception are modified, the extraction is failing with an Invariance Error.SCRAIP-33608
13397Application Engineering Dashboard (AED)Open the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard and navigate to Quality investigation view on a quality rule with more than 5 defects. Only the 5 first defects/bookmarks are reported.SCRAIP-33607
13516CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen looking a the analysis log for a Mainframe analysis.Warning messages are displayed "Cannot resolve Paragraph" even though the paragraph is defined in the code.SCRAIP-33257
13537Application Engineering Dashboard (AED)When using Internet Explorer to view CAST Application Engineering Dashboard and attempting to use the search feature.The search feature does not work.SCRAIP-33605
When looking at the results of the rule 7512 "Avoid empty Functions, Forms and Modules".False violations are seen.SAP-116
13678CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Execute LinkerUsing the Troubleshooting Guides page that explains how to remove ghost objects and then re-running an analysis.Ghost objects are created again.SCRAIP-33604
13728Server Manager - Update databaseWhen using the upgrade batch script to perform an upgrade.The process gets stuck at a cleanup query "migr_clean_duplicated_objects.sql" for more than 24hrs.SCRAIP-33433
13733CAST Discovery PortalWhen using the CAST Discovery Portal (CDP).Rules are not visible in CDP for a violated object whereas you can see the rules in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard for the same object.SCRAIP-33603
13734CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Data Flow Security AnalysisWhen attempting to run an analysis with the User Input Security feature activated.The analysis failed with the error: "XML data or another error occurred while reading file 'BuildAgent.datatransfer': invalid document structure". This issue occurs because of a crash during the conversion of the Castil file.SCRAIP-33402
13737CMS Application - Update CAST Knowledge BaseWhen attempting to run a CAST Knowledge Base Update Tool job as part of an analysis.CAST KB Update Tools is failing with a Fatal Error: Errors while checking Knowledge Base Modifications DataSCRAIP-33431
13793Delivery Manager ToolWhen attempting to package a maven based JEE application.The Automatic remediation step in packaging takes a long time (1 hour) to complete whereas the extraction, scan and validation steps took a few minutes.SCRAIP-33480
13803Delivery Manager ToolWhen attempting to import a set of regular expressions from a CSV file into the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.The error - "Invalid regular expression. Unclosed counted closure." is seen during packaging. This occurs when a comma is used in the regular expression which is interpreted by the DMT as the end of the pattern. 

13914Delivery Manager ToolWhen attempting to package a JEE application in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.The following message is seen in the log: " The JVM name "jdk1.7.0_45" is unknown or not supported. This information is ignored for the project: <project> Nothing to do in the delivery. Before running the analysis in CMS, you must define the value for the corresponding Analysis Unit or define a default value for the application."SCRAIP-33550
13992Delivery Manager ToolWhen packaging a JEE application using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.The DMT generates "missing source folder" alerts for generated files located in the .apt_generated folder.SCRAIP-33593
14070Application Engineering Dashboard (AED)When looking at the results of the rule "Ensure you provide a user-defined copy constructor or disable copy when a class allocates memory in its constructor - 592".False positive violations are displayed.SCRAIP-33573
14089CMS ApplicationWhen attempting to use the "Set as current version" option in the CAST Management Studio.The action fails at the Import CastDelivery File step with the error "Field 'mx4JUsage' not found."SCRAIP-33595
When looking at the value given for "Complex objects w/violations" in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard.The value displayed in the Application view is not the same as the value displayed in the Portfolio view (they should be the same).SCRAIP-33598
When looking at the results of a SAP/ABAP analysis.Unresolved objects have been created for methods declared in classes. Corresponding warnings about unresolved objects are seen in the analysis log.SAP-121
14211Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD)When using the Health Dashboard to view TQI data.When the TQI data tile is clicked, no corresponding rules are displayed.SCRAIP-33641
14219,14322Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD)When attempting to sort columns in the Health Dashboard for lists of Structural Rules.The columns do not sort correctly.SCRAIP-33648
14237CMS Assessment modelWhen looking at the grades for the rule "Avoid calling programs statically - 8146".The grade thresholds have all been inverted, for example, to get a grade of 4 a value of 50 is required, whereas a value of 99 should be necessary.SCRAIP-33698
14264Delivery Manager ToolWhile packaging a maven based java application in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.Missing project alerts were raised for the jar files referred to in the pom.xml, though the files are present in another package.SCRAIP-33671
14281CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen attempting to run an analysis which calls the Universal Analyzer.Warnings in the log file are erroneous and should be transformed into debug messages.SCRAIP-33667
14356CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Data Flow Security AnalysisCompute a snapshot for a .Net applicationThe DataflowRunner.exe is crashing with the error Process is terminated due to StackOverflowException. 
Due to that the BuildAgent.datatransfer is empty and we get in CAST-MS log file the error : The program XMLTODB has not ended correctly (error code "1"). 
When looking at the results of the rule "CWE-79: Avoid cross-site scripting DOM vulnerabilities - 7740".Methods that are sanitized are being reported as violating the rule.SCRAIP-33723
14481CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Data Flow Security AnalysisWhen looking at the results of the rule "CWE-73: Avoid file path manipulation vulnerabilities - 7752".False violations are displayed due to an internal bug.SCRAIP-33754

Internal back porting workInternal back porting workSCRAIP-33531
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