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Feature Improvements

Mainframe Analyzer - improved support for JCL Symbols

In CAST AIP ≥ 8.3.11, the Mainframe Analyzer now supports:

  • JCL Symbols present in job DD cards
  • JCL Symbols present in job EXEC cards
  • Where JCL contains PROCS using parameters from a different JCL
  • Where JCL calls PROC using a parameter
  • JCL Symbols present in external PROCS

This improved support will generate more links between steps and programs, files and procedures, which will in turn improve the completeness of transaction call graphs used for function point counting. This is in addition to basic support for JCL Symbols introduced in CAST AIP 8.3.0. You can find out more information about this support in Mainframe - Technical notes.

User Input Security configuration

The location for storing blackbox.xml files used during a manual User Input Security configuration has changed in CAST AIP 8.3.11. Files must now be stored in an Application specific folder in the following location.


See User Input Security - manually configuring blackbox methods for more information.

CAST Storage Service "guest" user

The default CAST Storage Service "guest" user is no longer used by CAST applications. Therefore:

Resolved Issues

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.11 

Ticket IDComponent/sSituationSymptomsInternal ID
14119CMS ApplicationWhen generating a snapshot.The step "Run Extensions at application level" is repeated four times at different stages during the snapshot generation process without any distinction.SCRAIP-33634
14721CMS Assessment modelWhen looking at the documentation for the rule "7308 - Avoid using inner classes".The documentation does not mention that the violation will not be raised in the case when the inner class is static.SCRAIP-33935
14780CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Metrics CalculationWhen looking at the results of the rule "Always validate user input with Request variables" (7448).There are no violations for situations which should violate the rule.SCRAIP-33921
14933Delivery Manager ToolWhen attempting to run a packaging action in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.There is an error during the packaging - scan step : "".SCRAIP-34016
15087CMS Assessment modelWhen looking at analysis results with regard to rule violations.There are multiple rules called "Avoid String concatenation in loops". One (7198) is for C#, VB.NET, .NET (Legacy Analyzer) and the other (7200) is for JEE. These rules have been renamed: the technology has been added to the rule title to distinguish them.SCRAIP-34136
15116CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run AnalyzerWhen attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot hangs at the step "Run metrics calculation...".SCRAIP-34103
When looking at the documentation for the rule "An include file must contain at most one Class definition" (3148).The rule does not mention C++ structs, despite the fact that scructs are in the scope of objects.SCRAIP-34673
When looking at the documentation for the rule "Never use sprintf() or vsprintf() functions" (7972).The Associated Value description is incorrect.SCRAIP-34672
15858CMS ApplicationWhen using the "Set as current version" action in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.A validation error is displayed stating "Missing Extraction File".SCRAIP-34404
16145CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot hangs during the step "Configure snapshot data in dashboard service" while running "Run Procedure AED_TREE_RANKING2".SCRAIP-34578
16169CMS Application - DependenciesA Refined Target dependency is created between two technologies and then an analysis is run on each technology separately.No links are found between the two technologies.SCRAIP-34715
16247Delivery Manager ToolThe packaging of Maven resources, using either the file system extractor, or the HTTP extractor, takes much more time than in 8.2 version. 
This is due to the fact that the new extractor tries to resolve the dependencies of the extracted resources, to avoid resolution errors during the J2EE analysis.
A lot of resource extraction steps are performed, due to recursive remediation steps.SCRAIP-34713
16520CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Metrics CalculationWhen attempting to run an analysis on java files.A syntax error is recorded near to a lambda expressions during the Metrics Assistant step.SCRAIP-34622
16521CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot fails with the error "Error while executing Procedure".SCRAIP-34712
16542Delivery Manager ToolWhen using a regular expression (\test$) in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool to ignore certain folders.When testing the regular expression, the test returns a failure when a backslash is used. When a forward slash is used, the test is successful.SCRAIP-34678
16563Delivery Manager ToolWhen packaging a JEE application.The Maven extractor fetches too many JAR files from the repository - some not even required for the Application.SCRAIP-34706
16644Server ManagerWhen attempting to run an upgrade from from 8.2.15 to 8.3.9.The upgrade fails with the error: SQL Error: ERROR: could not create unique index "tmp_typcat_idx".SCRAIP-34703
16680CMS Snapshot/AnalysisWhen attempting to use the CAST-MS-CLI.exe command line "DeletesnapshotsWithinRange".The CLI returns "Application not found".SCRAIP-34658
16686CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot hangs during the step "Configure snapshot data in dashboard service" while running "Run Procedure AED_TREE_RANKING2".SCRAIP-34660
16734Delivery Manager ToolWhen using the "Set as current version" action for a JEE application.Duplicate analysis units (one for created by the Eclipse discoverer and one by the Maven discoverer) in the CAST Management Studio are referencing the same include path causing duplicates.SCRAIP-34674
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