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Feature Improvements

Technology support changes

Please also see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.


Upgrade batch file

A new parameter (PSQL_PATH) has been added to the CASTUpgrade_Config.txt file. This optional parameter is used to define the locations of the psql.exe binary that is used to perform the upgrade. See Automating the CAST AIP Upgrade process.

CAST Storage Service maintenance tools

A new parameter -psqlexedir has been added for the following tools:

  • CSSBackup.exe
  • CSSBackupAll.exe
  • CSSRestore.exe
  • CSSRestoreAll.exe

This allows the definition of an alternative location (for example, outside the CAST AIP installation folder) for the PostgreSQL binaries used for this tool:

  • pg_dump.exe
  • psql.exe
  • pg_restore.exe

See Maintenance activities for CAST Storage Service and PostgreSQL.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.10 

Call IdComponent/sSituationSymptomsInternal ID
13937Delivery Manager ToolWhen packaging VB.NET source code in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.Missing DLLs that are referenced in the .vbproj are listed as "missing source files" instead of "missing library files".SCRAIP-33581
When attempting to analyze Oracle 12C source code.A syntax error is reported in the analysis log for "AS OF" statements.SCRAIP-33846
When analyzing Oracle PL/SQL.The analysis log contains a syntax error related to code that calls external procedures implemented in C libraries - when the external library contains a dot operator (.) a syntax error is displayed.SCRAIP-33984
15167Server Manager - Install databaseWhen installing a schema triplet in CAST Server Manager.CAST Server Manager hangs when a custom log folder path has been defined in Castglobalsettings.ini which doesn't exist on the system. The CAST Server Manager log does not explain this.SCRAIP-34144
15232Delivery Manager ToolWhen attempting to package a Maven application using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.Alerts for missing projects are generated when the referenced projects are in pom.xml (in source) with packaging type "POM" but the pom file is available in the maven repository with dependencies defined.SCRAIP-34158
When looking at the results of the rule "Avoid using hardcoded paths" - 7526. The rule does not locate the violation in the source code (i.e. no bookmarks), therefore results are difficult to use.SAP-129
When looking at the results of a SAP/ABAP analysis.Where ABAP includes are defined using a colon (:), the included objects are not resolved during the analysis, for example: 

INCLUDE: /code/some_code_top1, 
When looking at the results of a SAP/ABAP analysis.Unrecognized syntax causes unresolved objects to be returned.SAP-126
When looking at the results of a SAP/ABAP analysis.Unrecognized syntax causes unresolved objects to be returned.SAP-127
15590Application Engineering Dashboard (AED)When looking at the results of the rule "File naming convention - embedded Class - 562".False positive violations are returned when the base class is located in a different file name.SCRAIP-34273
15939CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute SnapshotWhen attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot generation process is stuck at "Update delta data into dashboard service", which translates to the procedure "AED_INIT_TRAN_VIOL_CNT_TMP_PRE".SCRAIP-34379
16059Delivery Manager ToolWhen packaging Eclipse based source where the .project file contains a reference for a .zip file (present in the folder of jars).The CAST Delivery Manager Tool throws a 
"Missing source folder" alert even though the file and folder exist.
When looking at the default .NET entry points in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center.VB.NET Methods are not listed as entry points.SCRAIP-34478
16173Server ManagerWhen attempting to upgrade from 8.2.8 to 8.3.6 when the source schemas (8.2.8) have had the "component re-install" option run on them using CAST Server Manager from CAST AIP 8.2.3.The upgrade fails with the error "SQL Error: ERROR: column "check_consistency_date" of relation "sys_site" already exists ". SCRAIP-34507
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