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  • Impacts of changes made to AIP Core 8.3.45 on Quality Model results post upgrade
  • Other impacts of changes made in AIP Core 8.3.45

All changes in results related to extensions are listed in the extension documentation and will not appear in this page.

Legacy ASP

A fix has been implemented to ensure that the default exclusion rule "Exclude ASP projects when a .NET web project also exists" (available in Console and in the legacy Delivery Manager Tool) functions correctly. In previous releases, occasionally this exclusion rule did not function correctly and did not exclude an ASP project although a corresponding .NET web project existed. This situation led to duplicated objects (ASP objects and equivalent .NET web objects) and thus, to an exaggerated Function Points count. This issue has now been fixed and ASP objects are no longer created when equivalent .NET web objects have been discovered. This leads to a drop in the number of objects, links, and Function Points in 8.3.45 when comparing analysis results with previous releases where the same source code was analyzed. In addition, the LOC (line of code) count per technology is also impacted: what was previously counted as ASP LOC is now counted as HTML5 LOC and the total number of lines of code can change slightly. There is also a possibility that quality rule violation counts may also be impacted.

Oracle Forms

A fix has been implemented in the Oracle Forms analyzer to ensure that links between Oracle Forms objects and database objects are correctly created. In previous releases, an issue in the Oracle Forms analyzer (syntax error in the analyzed .src file) caused these type of links to not be created correctly.

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