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  • Impacts of changes made to AIP Core 8.3.34 on Quality Model results post upgrade
  • Other impacts of changes made in AIP Core 8.3.34

All changes in results related to extensions are listed in the extension documentation and will not appear in this page.


Commented out code Lines

Several customer bugs for the SAP/ABAP technology have been fixed in AIP Core 8.3.34 (see Release Notes - 8.3) and as part of the fixes a new word ("offset") has been added to the list of SAP/ABAP keywords. This update changes the results produced by the algorithm used to calculate the following:

  • the technical size metric Number of Commented-out Code Lines - 10109 for SAP/ABAP
  • any quality rule that looks for violations with regard to commented code, for example Avoid Artifacts with high Commented-out Code Lines/Code Lines ratio - 7126 for SAP/ABAP

In both cases, the values reported by these metrics/rules may differ from those reported in previous releases of AIP Core.


Avoid using "nullable" Columns except in the last position in a Table - 1596

This rule was configured to list table columns as Associated Values, however, this produced erroneous results and in this release of AIP Core, the rule has been modified to not produce Associated Value results. This change may impact existing results: you may find that the Associated Value is now reported as 0.


Avoid Unreferenced Methods - 7908

This rule was erroneously returning violations on Java Lambda Expression objects in previous releases of AIP Core. This has been modified and this object type is no longer considered as part of the scope for this rule. This change may impact existing results: you may find that the number of violations decreases.


SELECT statements in EXISTS statements

A bug has been discovered which causes false violations for a variety of rules targeting the legacy T-SQL technology, where the object code contains SELECT statements within EXISTS statements. The issue has been resolved and the changes implemented also improve link resolution. Therefore existing results may be impacted: you may find that for some legacy T-SQL rules, the number of violations changes (increases or decreases) and additional links between objects may be identified, also impacting transactions. Some examples of impacted rules are listed below:

  • Avoid SQL queries that no index can support - 7902
  • Avoid exists independent clauses - 8080
  • Avoid SQL queries with implicit conversions in the WHERE clause - 7420
  • Avoid SQL queries not using the first column of a composite index in the WHERE clause - 7428

Oracle Forms

Links between Oracle Forms objects

In previous releases of AIP Core, links between Oracle Forms objects (such as between Oracle Forms Triggers and Oracle Forms Procedures or between Oracle Forms Menu Items and Oracle Forms Procedures) were missing, whether within the same Oracle Forms Module or between different Oracle Forms Modules. This issue has been fixed and this may impact existing results, including transactions and rule results.

User Input Security

Avoid weak cryptographic algorithm - 8414 / Avoid use of a reversible one-way hash - 8416

In previous releases of AIP Core, violations were erroneously being reported in the rule Avoid use of a reversible one-way hash - 8416 instead of Avoid weak cryptographic algorithm - 8414. This has now been corrected and this may impact existing results: there may be a reduction in violations for Avoid use of a reversible one-way hash - 8416 and a consequential increase in violations for Avoid weak cryptographic algorithm - 8414.

Avoid file path manipulation vulnerabilities - 7752

In previous releases of AIP Core the Engineering Dashboard was reporting a mismatch between the number of Total Checks and the Number of Violations for the rule Avoid file path manipulation vulnerabilities - 7752 - this was due to a missing Total Scope entry. This has now been fixed and the Engineering Dashboard will now show the correct information.

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