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Summary: this page lists:

  • Impacts of changes made to AIP Core 8.3.33 on Quality Model results post upgrade
  • Other impacts of changes made in AIP Core 8.3.33

All changes in results related to extensions are now listed in the extension documentation and will not appear in this page.

Other impacts of changes made in AIP Core 8.3.33


Refactoring of part of the SAP/ABAP analyzer has been implemented. This refactoring increases the maintainability of the analyzer while also increasing accuracy. As a result of the changes, some impacts to analysis results are to be expected when re-analyzing existing unchanged source code with this release:

  • Unresolved Objects are no longer created for SUBSTRING and CONCAT clauses.
  • Less violations will be returned for the rule "Avoid Artifacts with a Complex SELECT Clause - 7810" (the select clause column number was over-evaluated when "as <alias>" was present).

User Input Security

The User Input Security feature now has improved support for the rule "Avoid HTTP response splitting - 7740", for both .NET and JEE. Additional targets are now supported as follows:

For NET:

  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • RestSharp

For JEE:

  • javax.servlet
  • org.apache.cxf
  • org.apache.http
  • org.springframework.http
  • com.squareup.okhttp
  • com.squareup.okhttp3

As a result, analysis results may be impacted when re-analyzing existing unchanged source code - additional violations may be discovered.

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