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Windows ServiceInstall as a Windows Service

When ticked (default position), this option will install the package as a Windows Service so that you can more easily stop and start the package.

Note that:

  • the service will be set to start automatically and will be running unless you have specifically disabled this option (see below):

  • this option is ineffective when installing the AIP Console package on a Linux server.
Start the service after installation

When ticked (default position) the Windows Service will be started after it is installed (recommended).

Log on as

By default, this option is ticked, therefore you should fill in Service User account credentials that will be used to run the service:

If you untick the option, the Local System account will be used to run the service, however, CAST does not recommend this and a warning will be displayed when you click Next:

CAST highly recommends that the Local System account is not used to run the Windows Service. This is particularly true if:

In both these situations, the user running the Windows Service will be used to access the proxy/shared network resources.

Instead CAST recommends using the login credentials that match the log in used to install AIP Console/AIP Node/AIP Core/set system proxy settings etc. - for example, this could be a specific "service account" that is created specifically for installing and running AIP Console/AIP Nodes/AIP Core/setting system proxy settings. This service account would also therefore have access to the shared network resources and would be able to use the system proxy settings.

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